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I Could Be So Good For You

'I could be so good for you' said Richard Robinson to Dominic Allan in The Royal Academy toilets last Christmas. More backslapping than pre–Christmas Christmas box. An offer of a title of a show under construction involving S Mark Gubb, Bermingham and Robinson and Dominic Allan aka Dominic From Luton. I Could Be So Good For You is an extended hand for a show without theme. It harks back to a 1980's pre–internet, pre–Simon Cowell, pre–Cheryl, pre–Easyjet where hopping around Europe didn't happen at the click of a mouse and 3–digit security code. It's when we were kids and all around us knew Britain that bit better but disliked it just as much as today. A title totally fitting for a jumble sale of a project in Cathy Lomax's enduringly elastic London project space; Transition Gallery Year 9.

Bermingham and Robinson turn their new studio furniture left behind by the previous incumbent (ironically S mark Gubb) into art, instantly. And it's beautiful. Like a Fortnum and Masons own Pot Noodle. 'The Future Is Cancelled!' Last Days of Man On Earth is a re–worked 1950's film poster, A1 size. The imagery removed and discarded by Bermingham and Robinson. All they've left is a black hole. Next up, 'A City Screams In Terror', The Creature Walks Amongst Us. Image gone. Next up, 'Invasion USA', "It Will Scare The Pants Off You!" Image, subject gone. Like the past is the present and the present is the past.

S Mark Gubb's beautiful and off–kilter reworking in Topps Tiles tiles of a metal band's own front man's suicide. Knife, gun, blood and guts. A man sleeping in death. A nod fittingly yet unknowingly to a Grand Britannia in moral decline where Cardiff based Gubb captures the spirit of a free–for–all smash

and grab 'yout' not youth culture. A kind of Summer of Unlove. A no more heroes anymore for 2011.

WE HATE WATFORD proclaims Allan. A signal to other Lutonians or London–Luton–Lutonians residing in London. A fire engine red text on white banner. 4m x 1. With gold eyelets of course. A call to arms, to peace, to dissect in white van man language why two towns so geographically near sit so socially apat? It's an advertisement afforded by the luxury of art. Real life doesn't matter. This couldn't happen in Luton or Watford. Other stuff, other promises for you if you dare visit. Allan as Thatcher in a burnt–out wheelchair last seen being used by his own now disabled father. A post–James Allan and Sons James Allan and Sons (Julian and Dominic). Debris of a dream. The glorious 80's. Indeed. I Could Be So Good For You.

I Could Be So Good For You
427 November 2011

Transition Gallery
Unit 25a Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road
London E8 4QN